3-Bead Puzzle

3-Bead Puzzle Difficulty level:  Very Difficult   (level 5)

Actual dimensions:   3" Round

Material:   Laser-cut wood

Price:   $9.00 U.S.

Objective:   You are starting with two loops, with one smaller bead on each loop.   The objective is to move the beads in such a way that both smaller beads end up next to each other on the same loop.   It doesn't make any difference if you move them left or right, as long as they are next to each other on the same loop... then move them back to their original location again!  (as in the picture)

Description:   The 3-Bead puzzle is sure to cause more confusion and invoke the 'ten' count quicker than the 2-Bead puzzle once it is realized that this is not a simple task!   This one can 'string you up' if you are not careful.

Each puzzle is supplied with an "Objective Sheet" that explains what it is that you are supposed to do.   This sheet also includes a picture/drawing of the puzzle in the unsolved condition,   (similar to the one at the top of this page), so there is a reference to look at when putting it back together.

Puzzle solutions are also included with the shipment but are not sealed in the puzzle wrapper.   This is done so that the purchaser can make the decision as to when to give the solution to the person that is receiving the puzzle,   (as a gift, for example).

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