Disk Pile Puzzle

Disk Pile Puzzle  

Difficulty level:   Difficult (level 4)

Actual dimensions:   2" disks

Material:   Laser-cut wood

Price:  $35.00 U.S.

Objective:   Assemble the (8) disks into a stack in such a way that all the disks will lay flat against each other with no gaps

Description: The Disk Pile puzzle has been a big hit since we introduced it earlier this year.   People have a hard time believing it is rated a level 4... until they actually try to solve it.   The puzzle is provided with a beautifully crafted laser-cut storage box.   This puzzle seems to have a high level of addiction to it as people have a hard time putting it down once they start trying to solve it.   Remember that this puzzle is 2 sided, with 360 degree angle of rotation and may be a little more work than originally expected.

Each puzzle is supplied with an "Objective Sheet" that explains what it is that you are supposed to do.

Puzzle solutions are also included with the shipment but are not sealed in the puzzle wrapper. This is done so that the purchaser can make the decision as to when to give the solution to the person that is receiving the puzzle, (as a gift, for example).

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