Tower of Hanoi Puzzle

Tower of Hanoi Difficulty level:   3 disks = Easy   (level 1),   5 disks = Very Difficult   (level 5)

Actual dimensions:   9" long

Material:   Wood

Price:   $16.50 U.S.

Objective:   To move the stack of disks from one dowel to another, following 2 rules...   1) You can only move one disk at a time, and   2) You can NEVER place a larger disk on a smaller one.

Description:     If done without error,   3 disks can be completed in 7 moves,   Four disks can be completed in 15 moves,   Five disks can be completed in 31 moves,   Six disks can be completed in 63 moves and all 7 disks can be completed in 127 moves.   Of course, if you make an error, these numbers can go up dramatically.

Once all 7 disks are mastered, you can go for the speed!   So far, the fastest person I have timed has completed all 7 disks in a blazing 38 seconds...   that is 3.3 moves per second!   Their hands are nothing but a blur during the process.

Try before you buy...   Check out our Java Script version of   The Tower of Hanoi

Theory:   I believe that the original name of this was the Tower of Brahma.   According to an old Indian legend,   the Brahmins have been following each other for a very long time on the steps of the alter in the Temple of Bernares,   carrying out the moving of the Sacred Tower of Brahma with sixty-four levels of disks made of fine gold.   When they are finished with their task,   it is believed that the Tower and the Brahmins will fall, and that will be the end of the world!

In total,   there would have been 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 moves made.   If the moves were made at a rate of one move per second,   it would take about 5.8 Billion Centuries to complete all 64 disks!   (it's a good thing we only have 7 disks on ours).

School teachers from all grades, (K-12),   like to have one of these in their classrooms as an educational aid.

Each puzzle is supplied with an "Objective Sheet" that explains what it is that you are supposed to do.

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