6 Piece Flat Puzzle

6 Piece Flat Puzzle Difficulty level:   Very Difficult   (level 5)

Actual dimensions:   3.5" x 4.5"

Material:   Wood

Price:   Call for quantity pricing

Printable Area:   1.5" x 1.5",   1-3/4" x 1-1/4"   or   3-1/4" diameter on the box itself.

Objective:   Dump all 6 pieces out of the box, mix them up, then try to put them back in the box so that the pieces create 3 straight cuts, (without using any force).

Description:   The 6 Piece Flat Puzzle is very deceiving.   The puzzle may have only 6 pieces, but putting them back in the correct order to make the 3 straight cuts is actually quite difficult.   Some pieces will look like they are fitting together perfectly...   then comes the last one... OOPS!   Not a very good fit.   Another one that catches a lot of folks is that they actually get all the pieces to fit in the box, but the 3 straight cuts are not straight...   they zig-zag across the puzzle!   Time to start all over again.   This one may require a few sessions to figure out...

Objective Sheets that explain what it is that you are supposed to do, are available.
Puzzle solutions are also available.

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