Marketing is Great with Puzzles!

Note: We have added a powerful 120watt Cutting / Engraving laser to our tool set.
This will enable us to enhance our ability to keep up with our customers needs.

  Advertising your company name, logo or other company information with pens, pencils, mugs and key fobs used to be the way to try and catch the attention of potential customers.   Unfortunately, most of this advertising expense and effort was brought home and ended up in the hands of their children…   (not quite the customer you were expecting?)  As we enter the new Millenium, it is time for a change that will turn 'potential customers' into real Customers, (while having fun at the same time)!

  We are told that a return-call rate of .01% in the marketing industry is pretty good...   (5 call-backs from an attendance of 50,000 at a show).   Let's say they were wrong about the numbers and it was actually 1%... that is still only 500 call-backs.   Some of our customers have reported a call-back rate as high as 85% with our puzzles!   If you use that number at the same show with 50,000 attending,   that is over 40,000 call-backs!

  Due to the nature of puzzles, people have a hard time putting them down until they are solved, (and they don't bring them home to the kids...).   If they cannot solve them in a short period of time, they will search out the solution… that is where you come in.   When you have something that they want (the solution), they will call you for it, providing you with a second opportunity to discuss business with a prospective customer.   Once armed with the solution, they will now search out other fellow employees to see if they are any better at solving it.   Usually, this person will call the company listed on the puzzle to try and acquire the solution, giving you another opportunity to discuss your business with someone that was not even at the trade show or on the distribution list that you used to pass these puzzles out from!

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  These puzzles are great if you want to add your company logo to them as a marketing project,   trade show give away or just for distribution at company parties.   They are made from a very durable plastic and will last a very long time.

  Please contact us directly for quantity pricing.

Need Help?:

  If you are not really sure what it is you would like, our experienced staff can help.   The best way for us to help you is by phone, (978) 562-0785, (we are usually available until 6pm Eastern time), but e-Mail works good too.   (Our e-Mail address can be found at the bottom of our homepage).

Available Puzzles:

  If you do not see something here that suits your needs,   please give us a call or send e-Mail to explain the details of your project.   We have many more puzzles available that are not on this site that may fit your project.   If not, there is a very good chance that we can quickly design something that will work.   We can also modify existing designs to accommodate larger or odd-shaped imprinted images.

Available Colors / Sizes:

  With the exception of the '6 Pc. Flat', all puzzles can be either 1/4" or 1/8" thick.   The available colors for the 1/4" material are:   Grey, Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green.   The available colors for the 1/8" material are:   the same colors as the 1/4" with the addition of Violet, Teal and Beige.

If you would like Imprinting:

  There are two ways to get your puzzles imprinted.   One way is to have us do it for you; (we have our own, in-house imprinting capabilities).   In this case, you would provide us with the necessary artwork, or work with us and we can create it for you.   This method will allow us to have better control over delivery times as we will not be dependant upon another company's schedule and priorities.

  The other way is to find an imprinting company yourself and make all the arrangements with them for imprinting the puzzles after we manufacture them.   Depending on the puzzle, this may require extra work on the part of the printer to work around cords, beads, etc.   Also, we will not be able to seal the puzzles in plastic for you prior to shipment as they will need to be opened for printing.

Click on a puzzle for more information about it,   (use your "back" button to return here).
As always, Puzzle solutions are available

2 piece Pyramid Puzzle Knotted Ring Puzzle 3 Inch Square Puzzle Morph Square Puzzle
2 Pc. Pyramid
Knotted Ring
3 inch Square
Morph Square
Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 3

Looped String Puzzle 6 Point Star Puzzle 6 Piece Flat Puzzle 5 Square Puzzle
Looped String
6-Point Star
6 Piece Flat
Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 5

Paddle Puzzle 2-Bead Puzzle
Level 5 Level 5

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