Choosing the Right Puzzle

  Choosing the right first puzzle for someone can be difficult at times and usually ends up as a 'best guess' routine.   In any case, whatever is chosen is usually enjoyed.   I have read before, (and must agree), that the enjoyment of puzzles is held in three stages:   1) Passing the stage of belief that it is even solvable,   2) Mastering the puzzle,   3) Sharing the puzzle.

  If the puzzle ends up being too easy, they will then enjoy sharing it with others and watching them try solving it.   If it is just right, they will enjoy the time trying to master it.   If it is too hard, people will usually spend less time per session with it, but will continue on with it over time, usually getting others involved for assistance.

  How long it takes a person to solve any particular puzzle depends on many factors.   Their previous experience with mechanical type things, (including puzzles),   will power,   imagination,   ability to look at situations from different angles (lateral thinking ability),   the difficulty of the puzzle at hand,  etc. all play a part in this.

  Another thing to consider is what you are trying to accomplish with the puzzle you are purchasing.   Maybe it is for a beginner and you are trying to assist them in learning.   Maybe you are trying to make a mechanical engineer cry "UNCLE" and beg for the solution!   The selection of a puzzle in these two instances would be very different.

  If you know something about the person that will be receiving the puzzles,   you would probably benefit from reading our pages titled:  "What Type of Puzzle Person Are You?"   and "Puzzle Levels" .   These may give more insight as to the right puzzle to choose.

  If needed, please feel free to E-Mail us with a question and we will do our best to help you in any way that we can.

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