Puzzle Levels

  We produce a wide range of puzzles, both in levels of difficulty and styles.   There are 6 levels of difficulty in our series of puzzles displayed here.

They are:

    Level 1 - Easy

  • The most basic and the best place to start from if you do not have any experience with mechanical puzzles, (children or adults).   Also for people with limited motor skills, a limited attention span or someone who gets bored/intimidated/frustrated easily.

    Level 2 - Simple

  • A little more work as they require more lateral thinking.   These are still ok as a beginning level.   It would be a small step up in level, but a big boost in confidence as they get solved.

    Level 3 - Moderate

  • This is where the puzzles begin to get more challenging.   This is a good level for the folks that have had some previous experience with puzzles.

    Level 4 - Difficult

  • Now your brain is really starting to work...   Although these are not overly complicated, they still impose quite a challenge.   Success at this level is very rewarding.

    Level 5 - Very Difficult

  • You pick a word for these...   Intimidating, Challenging, Complicated, Extreme.   Without previous mechanical puzzle experience, these can be very frustrating,   (or fun...   depending on the person trying to solve them).

    Level 6 - Almost Impossible

  • The name says it all!   I hope that you have a lot of time and patience if you choose this level.   This type of puzzle is usually purchased for those folks in your life that always seem to solve any and all puzzles in a very short time.   This level will slow them down dramatically!


How hard a puzzle is to solve depends on many factors.
For more information on that subject, please read our pages titled:

"Choosing the Right Puzzle"
"What Type of Puzzle Person Are You?"

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