About Our Puzzle Company

The Puzzle & Craft Factory   is a family owned and operated business.   Everything we sell is handmade and tested on-site.   We use what we believe to be the best materials suited for each item.   All materials and supplies are hand picked whenever possible to assure a quality product.

  We produce a wide range of puzzles.   They range from very easy to extremely complex.   Each puzzle has it's own personality.   Some are decorative and elegant in appearance, some just look like work!   All will test your thinking processes, and some your endurance.   How long it takes you to solve any particular puzzle mostly depends on your experience, will power and imagination.   Please see our page titled: "Choosing the Right Puzzle" for more on that subject.

  Each puzzle we sell is sealed in protective plastic and packaged with an 'Objective Sheet' that explains what it is you are supposed to do in order to solve it.   This sheet also includes a picture/drawing of the puzzle in the unsolved condition so there is a reference to look at when putting it back together.

Puzzle Solutions... We believe that once someone has tried very hard to solve a puzzle and finally determines that they are out of their realm, the solution, (or at least part of it), should be immediately available so that they can wind down in a proper manner.   It would be cruel at this point to force someone to wait for the delivery of the solution.   For this reason, we include the solutions with the shipment.   They are in a separate envelope, not sealed in the puzzle wrapper.   This is done so that the purchaser can make the decision as to when to give the solution to the person that is receiving the puzzle, (when the puzzle is given as a gift, for example).

Of course, there will still be those folks that just look at the solution first, but they are only depriving themselves of the greatest feeling of satisfaction from actually solving the puzzles themselves.   We do not feel that the folks that put forth the effort and hard work to solve it first, should suffer due to the few others that won't even try.

  Many of the puzzles that we sell have been designed here at our facility.   Others are age old designs that can date back over 2000 years.

  We have many more puzzles that are not shown on this website.   Although we are working on making all of them available here, it is a slow process as we have more than 300 puzzles.   If you are looking for a particular type or style of puzzle, there is a good chance that we have it, (or something reasonably close).   Call us or send E-Mail to let us know what your needs are.   (Our e-Mail address can be found at the bottom of our homepage).

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