Looped String Puzzle

Looped String Puzzle Difficulty level:   Moderate (level 3)

Actual dimensions:   5" Long

Material:   Wood

Price:   Call for quantity pricing

Printable Area:   2" x 1-3/8"   (extendable)

Objective:   To remove the cord / bead without using any force... then put it back on to where it is in the picture.

Description:   The Looped String puzzle is a disentanglement puzzle that will usually take more time to solve than one would initially expect. Not that it is difficult, just time consuming. Most of the time is usually spent putting the cord back on or untangling all the 'incorrect moves' that were made! This is one of those puzzles that all bystanders that are not working on it have the solution, (or so they think!).

The physical size of this puzzle can be modified to accommodate a specific image size or shape.

Objective Sheets that explain what it is that you are supposed to do, are available.
Puzzle solutions are also available.

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