Morph Square Puzzle

Morph Square Puzzle Difficulty level:   Moderate (level 3)

Actual dimensions:   3" x 3" Square / 4.5" x 4" Triangle

Material:   Wood

Price:   Call for quantity pricing

Printable Area:   1-5/8" x 1-1/2"   (largest piece)

Objective:   Assemble the 4 pieces into a flat square, disassemble, then assemble into an isosceles triangle, (all sides equal length).

Description:   The Morph Square puzzle is a unique one as it has 2 objectives!   The first objective is to put the pieces together so that they make a flat square.   As if this isn't enough of a chore, the second objective is to rearrange the pieces so that they form an isosceles triangle, (all sides of equal length).   Remember that this puzzle is 2 sided and may be a little more work than originally expected.

The Morph Square Puzzle makes a great companion to the 3" Square Puzzle.

Objective Sheets that explain what it is that you are supposed to do, are available.
Puzzle solutions are also available.

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